Asset Industries Australia PTY LTD

Built on a foundation of outstanding customer service and proven performance, Asset Industries Australia (Asset) is an Australian-owned company specialising in cleaning and related services to commercial, industrial, public facility, education, health and hospitality sectors.
From the very beginning, Asset's management and staff have maintained a hands-on approach. We pride ourselves on our exceptional performance, responsiveness and most importantly, accessibility.It is this philosophy of professionalism and dedication to people - both our valued clients and staff - that has seen Asset attract a reputation for professionalism, reliability and above all excellence.

Our People

Our Aim is to be reliable, versatile, friendly and personable, with the highest standard of ethical behavior; our staff are renowned for their impeccable customer service quality control and dedication.
All members of our team are required to undergo thorough training prior to employment. In addition to training under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to Certificate II and III in Asset Maintenance, all staff are security screened, ensuring that only the most qualified and trusted people set foot on your site.
Once employed, Asset staffs are constantly supervised and monitored, and must follow rigorous reporting schedules and regularly updated manual standards.
It is this emphasis on excellence and accountability that has placed Asset at the forefront of an ever evolving industry.


When we say hands-on we mean it.
With over 15 years extensive experience the management team at Asset knows the industry inside and out. Through the collective knowledge and efforts of our management staff the company has gained a reputation for reliable and comprehensive customer service, with a corporate culture advocating synergy throughout the organization.
'We believe that our personal ingredient has been the key ingredient to our successes'
Asset headquarters are in Melbourne, with regional offices throughout Australia: We are well equipped to look after the needs of customers nationally.
The aim for Asset is to continue meeting the demands of our evolving industry focusing on occupational health and safety, risk management, waste management, research technology and having the infrastructure to deliver a service second to none throughout all capitals through to our regional client base.